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Latest Articles

Need a pro?

Posted by Lee Wilson on May 06, 2013

Find one using our Better Builder Directory! Sometimes you get help from your brother’s friend’s cousin-guys and sometimes you hire a pro. The HPM Better Builder Directory is our way of supporting your decision to go with a professional so you can get the services you need, when you need them, at a price that suits your budget.

From custom home builders to solar installers and everything in between, the directory lists bone fide, experienced contractors who are in good standing with our company and worthy of consideration. While we can’t guarantee the performance of any single professional in our listing, we can guarantee that the HPM Better Builder Directory is a smart way to start your search.

Use the “Find a Builder Section,” which is organized by location and service, to develop a list of potential contractors; then use the “Tips” section, with its thorough list of critical questions, to narrow that list down. And, as you might expect, you’ll find contact information for HPM professionals happy to help you navigate the site and process.