Akamai Cabinets: Cabinetry Built Better for Hawaii

At HPM Building Supply, we're passionate about keeping homeowners stocked with the very best in building supplies and that means continually expanding our product mix to give you what you need and want. 

That's why we're excited to debut our very own collection of cabinets curated to help your family build better kitchens, baths and laundry rooms. Plus, they're assembled locally!




Cabinets with character

In Hawaiian, Akamai means smart, clever or possessing expert knowledge. Akamai Cabinets is another way we're putting our expertise to good use. Born of a desire to share what we've learned about cabinetry construction and design, Akamai delivers all the features you've asked for over the years in a convenient package. More than a high-quality cabinet brand, it's a home design solution that you can feel good about putting in your favorite rooms.

Finding cabinetry that checks all the boxes isn't easy. Done right, the ones you settle on can add character and value to your home. Akamai’s quality-crafted classic cabinets take real-life wear-and-tear extremely well and fit nicely into any home design.


Beauty & brawn

Akamai Cabinets features three thoughtfully designed collections, ‘Ilima, ʻŌhiʻa, and Pakalana–choose from a variety of locally stocked colors and finishes to find a set that feels like it was made just for your space. 

More than just a pretty façade, Akamai Cabinets are handcrafted for durability from fine-grained wood. We build with Hawaii's unique climate in mind and guarantee its workmanship. All cabinets come with a one-year parts warranty and are built to last a long time.



Built for your budget

At HPM, we know what Hawaii homeowners look for when renovating or building new. Whether semi-custom or full custom, our cabinets accomplish something special by blending affordability and excellence to create a true value. Akamai Cabinets are assembled locally in Hawaii by a trusted team with delivery in as few as weeks for select options. With our locally stocked partners, traditional long wait orders means shorter order times, so you can have your ideal cabinets faster.

Joining the more than 2,200 product lines we have on hand to help Hawaii build and live better, Akamai Cabinets' special collection of cabinetry for kitchens, baths and laundry rooms is a smart value.

To learn more, call to schedule a personalized and complimentary design consultation today.


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*Subject to cabinet availability, assembly availability and delivery availability​



Want a closer look?

Our HPM designers are so excited to share our Akamai Cabinets that they want to showcase the collection themselves.
Check out some of the displays they’ve curated and the products they recommend pairing up in these videos:





Don't see a particular color you like?
Ask our Kitchen & Bath Designers about special order options.



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