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25 Years of Home Design: Where We Are Today

Welcome to 2023! 

Design trends come and go, but staying ahead of the curve can give you a space that feels modern and increases the value of your property. On the flip side, going with something that's too trendy can make your space feel dated in just a few years' time. The solution? Go with something that you love, and let our team bring it to life! Your opinion matters most if you’re the one living in your space. 


Our HPM Home Design Center team has extensive experience and expertise. This includes our Kitchen & Bath Designers, Flooring Design Manager, and Window Covering Specialist, who collectively have many years in the home design industry and a vast breadth of knowledge. Some are bright-eyed newcomers passionate about design, and others are multi-year veterans. This year, we were curious about the team's current projects. So we sent out the call and absolutely loved what they shared.


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What we're working on in 2023



Amber's undertaking stands as a testament to functionality blended with aesthetics, as she crafts a closet as spacious as a bedroom, offering a plethora of cabinets and drawers for abundant storage, all dressed in the rich, dark allure of onyx wood. This project features Bellmont Cabinets 1900 Series on Rift White Oak with Stained Espresso finish and hardwood dovetail dresser boxes.




Brad's design journey is a constellation of choices, yet the standout is the Mossman project with a contemporary touch—opting for Bellmont Cabinets with a high-gloss white finish, he rejoices in the homeowner's eagerness to invest in quality, stating, "Witnessing a client's recognition of the value in upgrading to Bellmont and their readiness to pay for exceptional quality is truly refreshing."




Kaylen's triumph in a recent renovation project, despite budget constraints, exemplifies the harmony between vision and reality, as she harmonized the contractor and homeowner's expectations, reminiscing, "Working seamlessly within a tight schedule, the result was a miracle—a testament to strong contractor relationships." This project features  Medallion Gold Cabinets in Sea Salt Painted Maple with Potter’s Mill door style and  Cambria Wilshire Red Countertops.



Jesika's venture is centered around the new Akamai Cabinet Collection Pakalana Series. The new line of frameless cabinets launched this year. “I’m the most excited about this project out of everything I’m working on because it is our department's first order in the Pakalana Line. I’ve been going to the job site once every few months since they started construction, so seeing the finished product is really fulfilling,” says Jesika.








Casey's artistic spirit shines when collaborating with like-minded contractors. In this Bellmont Cabinets project, Casey is thrilled to see it come to fruition. As one of her first projects at HPM, she says, "I remember the day Cheri came into the showroom. We worked together several times, and the more I got to know Cheri the more I looked forward to working with her! It was then, I met Frank, owner of S & F Building. Again, a great person to work with, and the more I get to know him I really appreciate his core values, as they align with ours here at HPM… Heart, Character & Growth! I look forward to many more projects with the team."




Kriss's involvement with the  Akamai Cabinet Collection, Pakalana Series frameless cabinet line, where he played a pivotal role in designing several Kona Home Design Center displays, stands as a testament to his creative prowess in bringing designs to life, showcasing his passion for impeccable aesthetics and functionality.









Blending modern and rustic elements, Victoria crafted a contemporary farmhouse kitchen, using a mix of wood tones and finishes like Medallion Gold, Rustic Maple, and White painted Maple to capture the homeowner's vision for a modern country look. Victoria said she loved stepping away from her usual modern aesthetic for this "super fun" project.





Rose finds herself immersed in a synergy of design and architecture, spearheading her fourth project with a strong affinity for modern homes boasting clean lines and deliberate asymmetry. A style held up well by Bellmont Cabinets 1900 Series in Walnut Wood Veneer with Stockholm Door Style, and a tribute to their distinctive, non-traditional style. Also featuring Cambria Countertops in Mount Blanc Quartzite.




Paul's labor of love in Kawaihae, executed by his son and installer Ricky, mirrors the beauty of the coastal home it graces, resulting in a stunning creation that's not just a structure but a testimony to family craftsmanship and passion. This project features our StrataLux 20mil in Warm Acacia.






Lyn's plate is filled with projects, but it's her recent triumph in Hawi that shines brightest—brimming with Graber Roller Shades for both light filtering and room darkening, it's a testament to smooth collaboration, as she reflects, "Working with a customer who already knew their desires was a breeze."



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Home Design Center

Program Manager



At the helm of our team is Kapua, our driving force behind the Kitchen & Bath Design program. With a decade of experience at HPM, Kapua's dream of becoming a program manager is now a reality. In her words, there are two ingredients that make our designers stand out: passion and compassion. Our designers are passionate about design, staying attuned to trends and product knowledge. Paired with compassion, they cater to projects of all sizes and budgets. From concept to completion, HPM's designers are your guiding stars through it all.


From the creative minds of our designers, we now transition into the realm of cutting-edge technology that breathes life into their visions. In this era of technology, innovation not only enhances but seamlessly intertwines with our designers' meticulous process. When asked how technology has changed the design game in recent years, the designers unanimously agreed that their design program “2020” is to thank for their success. “You’re able to quickly show the customer exactly what the space will look like,” says Kaylen. Using 3D rendering tools, visioning the space is easier than ever. Some designers, like Jesika, will even add personal touches to further connect the customer to the space. “If I know they drink coffee or have a dog, I’ll add that to the 3D rendering so they’re able to really picture their kitchen.” Other technologies like touchless appliances, smart technologies, and hidden controls are reshaping kitchen and bath designs, crafting sleek yet functional spaces

“As a designer, we have to know the latest trends and current technologies to account for it in our designs,” says Amber.




But let's not forget that design is more than aesthetics—it's a journey. Our designers guide you through every step, from your initial vision to the material selection and final touches. 


Speaking of dreams, let's explore the current design trends that resonate with the rhythm of Hawai'i. The designers overwhelmingly agree that European aesthetics have taken center stage, weaving sleek lines and frameless cabinets with the warmth of natural woods and serene neutral hues. With window coverings, customization reigns supreme, reflecting individual tastes while embracing timeless beauty. While with flooring, gray has been the most popular choice for the past 10 years.


“I’ve noticed that flooring trends usually last about 10 years. I think we’ll start to see more light woods in the near future to reflect European style,” says Paul, Flooring Program Manager with decades of experience in flooring design and installation. 


And what better place to immerse yourself in these trends than HPM's one-stop-shop Home Design Centers? These spaces offer more than just convenience—they're a treasure trove of inspiration. Under one roof, you can touch and feel materials, allowing your vision to come to life. But it's not just about the products; it's about the people. Our commitment to offering both design and home planning services is a rarity, simplifying your journey and orchestrating each aspect of your project seamlessly.


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Being a locally-owned company isn't just about business; it's about community. Our deep connection to Hawaiʻi fosters an understanding that goes beyond trends and design. It's about knowing what makes each island unique and how that uniqueness translates into designs that fit perfectly. With local knowledge and personalized service, HPM isn't just a business; it's your partner in creating spaces that truly reflect who you are. 


As we toast to 25 years of designing spaces for 'ohana, we celebrate not just the evolution of design but the evolution of dreams. HPM's Home Design program isn't just about spaces—it's about the stories that unfold within them. As we embark on the next blog in this series, focused on the future of kitchen and bath design, we invite you to join us, as together, we shape the next chapter of design excellence.




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