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Looking Ahead, The Future of Home Design

Come and dream with us as we commemorate the 25th anniversary of our Kitchen & Bath Design Program and look into the future. In the last segment of our three-part blog series, we look forward, envisioning the evolution that awaits kitchens and baths in the years to come. We'll dive into how...

Kitchen & Bath

Boost Your Home’s Value with These 4 Kitchen and Bath Products

HPM Building Supply creates spaces that evoke feelings of joy, peace, revitalization, and relaxation. This year marks 25 years of HPM’s Kitchen and Bath Design services, so you know you’re in capable hands with their specialized designers and product selection. Let them guide you through the...

HPM Home Design Center

HPM Design Centers Offer Creative Solutions

Beyond building materials, HPM provides design ideas to help residents navigate home trends.

Medallion Cabinetry

Four Cabinet Care Tips you Need to Know

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means - time for some good old spring cleaning! What better way to refresh our homes than by giving our high-traffic areas some extra TLC? One area that we often overlook is our cabinets. Not only are they important in keeping our spaces organized, but...


Three Tips for Planning Your Next Remodeling Project

If you're like us, January and February is the time to plan your projects for the year and get organized. Remodeling can be a fantastic option when you want something new but don't necessarily have the time, energy, or budget to go all out!