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Celebrating 25 Years of Kitchen and Bath Design Services and Showrooms

Since our founding in 1921, HPM Building Supply has been dedicated to helping Hawai‘i build and live better. We have transformed and grown in many ways over the last century, and every generation of owner-employees has pioneered the next evolution of what it means to serve our community’s building needs.

As we mark the 25th anniversary of our Kitchen and Bath services in 2023, we reflect on the origin of our Home Design Centers and the vision for what’s next in a three-part blog series highlighting our past, our present, and our future. 




When Michael "Mike" Fujimoto became HPM’s president and CEO in 1992, he saw an opportunity to provide Kitchen and Bath design services to homeowners on Hawai‘i Island. HPM’s offerings for homeowners were a major focus, expanding upon the company’s original core business serving the construction industry that Mike’s father Robert "Bobby" Fujimoto, grandfather Barney Fujimoto, and great-grandfather Kametaro Fujimoto had grown into a building industry leader.

“If you look at the roots of our business, we’re really sticks-and-nails people,” says Mike, who has served as HPM’s Chairman of the Board since his son, Jason Fujimoto, became president and CEO in 2019. “Hawai‘i Planing Mill was a milling operation, so we were really contractor-oriented. We saw that there was an opportunity to expand in the retail and DIY-oriented suite of products.”




From the beginning, Mike envisioned Kitchen and Bath services that were tailored to the customer, adapting the successful model of the HPM Homes program that had been started more than a decade earlier. In 1982, HPM introduced HPM Homes, a start-to-finish packaged home program that simplified home building.

“Back then, we called it the Model Home Department,” Mike explains. “Having a company actually create not just a set of plans, but fill in the whole plan and have design services associated with that, even helping with applications for building permits, was unique then and is still somewhat unique today.”

Springboarding off of the success of HPM Homes’ consultative, full-service approach, the plan was to develop kitchen and bath design services that would provide a one-stop resource for homeowners wanting to design, renovate, or remodel their kitchens and bathrooms.




In 1996, we opened our new Hilo retail store and lumberyard during a period of expansion to accommodate the growing demand for retail and design services. Our previous retail store was transformed into a dedicated kitchen and bath showroom that was unveiled in 1998.

“Prior to opening our showroom, we’d take pieces of cabinets and lay them on the ground and say, ‘You can put something like this into your home,’” Mike says. “But most people can’t relate to a sample cabinet door. People want to be able to see more specifically; how would this work? Is it the right height? Do I like the look of it? We knew we needed a showroom to be able to display products. People want to see, touch, and feel the products to make the best choice for their home.”


Spanning 5,600 square feet, the very first Kitchen & Bath showroom was meticulously designed to showcase kitchen and bath design options and inspire customers. We sought to create a warm and inviting ambiance, offering a comfortable environment for customers to explore our vast range of kitchen and bath products including countertops, cabinets, plumbing fixtures and more. Our Home Design Centers had everything needed to design an ideal kitchen or bathroom. 

Some of our vendors have been with us since the very beginning as partners in serving our customers.

Steve Bell, the owner of Bellmont Cabinets in Washington State, was starting out at the same time,” Mike recalls. “The concept of showrooms was new in the industry, and we both saw the vision of what could be.”




Over the last 25 years, HPM has continued to enhance all aspects of its Kitchen & Bath services, including growing our team, expanding our product selection, and using the latest technology. Mike and HPM’s leadership team continually pushed the envelope, always seeking to offer a customer experience that could match or exceed the best in the industry.

“We visited many other showrooms in other parts of the U.S. and the world to get ideas and stay ahead,” says Mike. “Our benchmarks kept evolving. Competition always forces one to get better, whether you’re an athlete or a business. The arrival of big box stores in Hawai‘i forced a radical change that impacted our industry and made HPM a much better, much stronger company.”

In Kitchen & Bath services, as in all other areas of our company, HPM puts people first, investing in talented owner-employees as the backbone of the expert guidance and personalized attention that we promise to each and every customer. Our commitment to Heart, Character, and Growth and the mission of building homes, changing lives, and transforming communities has shaped our approach to delivering exceptional customer experiences.




“We have a top team of designers today that are among the best in our industry,” Mike shares with pride. “You can have a pretty showroom and a good product line, but if you don't have people who are capable, competent, enthusiastic, and really want to help customers, nothing else matters. People are the most important element.”

From the first showroom in Hilo, HPM has expanded to serve customers in other locations throughout the islands. Our Kitchen & Bath services have become integral to our Home Design Centers across the state. We opened our Kona and Waimea showrooms in our retail stores a few years after Hilo to serve all regions of Hawai‘i Island. In 2012, HPM joined forces with Kaua‘i Lumber, enabling the expansion of HPM’s Kitchen and Bath design services to the Garden Island. Following the merger with Miyake Concrete Accessories, Inc. our newest 3,800-square-foot showroom opened in Kīhei on the island of Maui in 2022. Earlier this year, we welcomed an interior firm, 87ZERO, as a new division of HPM, expanding our Kitchen and Bath offerings to include affordable luxury products and appliances with two 87ZERO by HPM showrooms on O‘ahu in the Nā Lama Kukui Lifestyle & Design Center.



“In our industry, the pace of change is dramatic,” says Mike. “What we are able to present today far exceeds my wildest imaginings.”

As HPM celebrates 25 years of serving the community with Kitchen & Bath Design, we extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to our exceptional team, stellar vendors and partners, and loyal customers. You have been instrumental in our growth and success. The future holds exciting possibilities, and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative kitchen and bath solutions for decades to come.




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