Is a Pre-Built HPM Shed Right for You?

Our Pre-Built Sheds program offers convenient and stylish storage solutions, but it may not be the right fit for all properties. To help you determine if an HPM Shed can be delivered to you, here are some of the main factors to evaluate.


What to Consider

Our sheds are already fully assembled and come in three sizes: 10' x 8', 10' x 12', and 10' x 20'. The sheds will need to be delivered with a truck and trailer, so your driveway and yard need to be able to accommodate those vehicles and have clearance for maneuvering and turning around. If there isn’t enough space for a truck to reach the yard, using a crane may be another option to lift the shed over your home, but at a greater cost.


Since the shed will be on top of the trailer, it will need a considerable height clearance to safely reach its destination — we recommend at least 14 feet. If your driveway or yard has any overhanging branches or overgrowth in the path, get those cleared away before the delivery. And if there are any low-hanging power lines along the way, your delivery team should have someone there to push the lines up.


If your yard is inclined, a shed may still be installed depending on the degree of the slope, but you’ll need additional materials to level it. All Pre-Built HPM Sheds include four (4) or six (6) precast concrete blocks (depending on shed size), but other materials are sold at HPM Building Supply that can help build up your foundation as needed (purchased separately). Ultimately, your contractor should make the final call on whether it’s possible to install a shed on the slope and if steps should be built as well. 



10' x 12' shed with double doors


What to Expect

Pre-Built HPM Sheds are ready for use as soon as they’re installed. Just keep in mind that the interior is unfinished with visible studs, and the exterior is primed and ready to paint. If you’d like to spruce up the shed, we have the paints and products you’d need in store! You also get to choose your roof color and patterns to match your home, but no other modifications can be made.



Schedule a Site Visit

Though HPM does not offer delivery and installation for pre-built sheds, we partner with reliable contractors who have handled these tasks before, and we’re happy to introduce you. You can also hire a different contractor who specializes in delivering large structures to advise you and assist with coordination. Either way, we recommend an initial site assessment of your property with our HPM Sheds team or a licensed contractor to evaluate whether an HPM shed is suitable for your property.

10' x 20' shed with double doors


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