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Meet the Owner: Darryl Oliveira, HPM Safety and Internal Control Manager

With a storied career that includes the roles of Fire Chief and Civil Defense Director for Hawaii County, Darryl Oliveira is no stranger to adversity. He spent three decades as a firefighter, and worked with local agencies to improve disaster response when the Big Island was hit with four natural disasters. One of the biggest lessons he’s learned about managing hardship?

“In emergency situations, communication is the Achilles heel,” he says.

“As a business, you need to make sure your employees get accurate information
in a timely manner.”

Last fall, Darryl was teaching a disaster preparedness class when a student invited him to speak to the HPM management team. He’d been a longtime fan, from shopping for building supplies with his dad when he was a kid to purchasing an HPM Homes package for his family.

“I was always pleased with the customer service and great workmanship of their products,” he says.

He liked that HPM had a strong foundation of plans and processes for potential disaster impact, and when the company asked him to join the team, Darryl was up for the challenge.

“HPM played a huge role in providing resources to recovery efforts, and I saw opportunities where I could and assist them fine-tuning things,” he says.

As HPM’s new Safety and Internal Control Manager, Darryl helps coordinate donated materials and labor to those in need. In light of the current Kilauea eruptions, he’s been busy spearheading emergency response efforts like the Sacred Heart Shelter project.

Another top priority is building long-term partnerships to better insulate the community from catastrophic events.

“Since there are minimal affordable housing options, the building industry will be in demand to create solutions,” says Darryl.


“As a leader, HPM can be a strong partner to help prepare for what’s ahead.”

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