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HPM Wall Panels Work Wonders

Give the right people the right tools and the right materials and they can work wonders. The "right people" in this case being HPM's designers who use state-of-the-art technology (AKA the "right tools") to design and layout custom wall panels. 

It also includes the skilled workers who build those panels in a clean, controlled environment with more of the right tools, the people who inspect and label them, the people who stack them to maximize the efficiency of your work flow and the people who deliver them to your jobsite. The "right materials" we’re referring to include laminated strand lumber, or LSL, Simpson connectors (if you need them) and sheathing (if that’s what the job requires).

As for working "wonders," HPM’s proficiency and increased production capacity means the design and delivery of your custom wall panels is pretty much on-demand. Where the company used to schedule delivery based on the production routine, now HPM is at the point that its processes and planning are so much better that they can ask the customer, ‘when do you need it?’ —and more often than not, be able to meet that date.

In a competitive environment where profits are hard won, building with pre-made quality wall panels is a surefire way to save time and money on the jobsite.

To see if wall panels are right for your next project contact your nearest HPM location
for more information.

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