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Shur-Lock is Sure-thing for PV

A new trend in roofing that couples HPM’s standing seam panels with specialty clamps makes it easy to install photovoltaic (PV) systems without compromising the integrity of the roof. . . or, to put it more simply, solar power without the pukas.


Whether PV panels are planned as part of the original design or a future addition, your best bet for the no-puka roof is HPM’s Shur-Lock roofing. These snap seam panels, coated with premium finish Durapon 70 and available in 14 colors, allow you to span any size roof without the need for through screws. (Just ask the engineers at HECO, who chose Shur-Lock for a 22,000 sq.ft. PV installation at Kahe on O‘ahu.)

When it’s time, the solar system is installed using S-5 clamps.


Here the innovation is an aluminum body clamp that works with a set screw and gets attached to the roof by a bolt, both made of stainless steel.


As long as the installer follows the directions and doesn’t over-tighten the set screws, Shur-Lock’s outstanding protection from acid rain and other corrosive environments will continue to perform. Routing wiring under the ridge cap completes the no-puka approach.

Compare this innovation to the old method of attaching PV supports by penetrating not only metal roofing but also the underlayments, and you can begin to formulate your sales pitch. Environmentally conscious clients will also like to know that, once they are securely in place on a roof, PV panels act like umbrellas, keeping the house cooler and protecting the metal roof while prolonging the paint life.

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