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Get Inspired with the New 2020 Colors of the Year

2020 is the mark of a new decade and what better way than to bring in new colors to invigorate you and start refreshed to do more this year. Get inspired to redesign your home with the 2020 color picks of the year from Pantone, Benjamin Moore, and Pratt & Lambert paints.




Pantone announces “Classic Blue” for a timeless hue

For a bold yet elegant look, Pantone’s Classic Blue holds weight and body effortlessly and embodies a strong overture that really makes a statement when stepping into its presence. The hue exudes calmness and a sense of serenity that also blends seamlessly into the environment. Classic Blue is, in a sense, the truest form of blue. From tranquility to clarity, this color speaks to the spirit and the senses. Build this color into your home palette and find your home’s timeless, inner zen.



Benjamin Moore First Light


Be awakened with Benjamin Moore’s rosy soft “First Light”

A subtly sweet and ephemeral presence, First Light softly envelopes a room with a warm and inviting delicateness. The rosy hue is a dawn bloom that arrives before a bright new day. The color exudes a playful innocence and light happiness that seems to intimately hug all in its surroundings. Welcome First Light into your home to bring in a young, delightful joy.



P&L Paint Songbird full


Escape into energized serenity with Pratt & Lambert’s Songbird

Songbird is a soft yet energetic mint color that brings a joyous vibrancy into a room. The crisp, uplifting hue will sing from your walls and bring a sense of uplifted relaxation into the air. Accent your home with Pratt & Lambert’s Songbird to create a sparkling, serene energy that will pull you into momentary refuge and nudge you back in to tackle the rest of the day.

Color can do a lot to change our mood. Whether it is a gentle “good morning,” a fresh, deep breath of air, or a strong presence that grounds you, find the perfect way to color your life at our HPM Stores and choose just the shade that inspires you.

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