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5 Reasons to Go Frameless in Your Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

If sleek, spacious cabinets sound like your speed, you might want to look into a style known as frameless or European-style cabinetry. 

For kitchen or bathroom remodels, or brand-new home builds, it's a fun and functional design choice that impresses on several fronts. Unlike the more traditional framed cabinetry that features a picture-frame-like door or drawer overlay, frameless cabinets are constructed differently, with the doors attached right to the cabinet's side walls.

This cabinet trend isn't a new thing; frameless originated in Europe shortly after World War II as a practical alternative. Check out some of the benefits frameless cabinetry can offer as part of a thoughtful kitchen or bathroom redo:



1. More room

Doing away with frames gives you more functional interior space within a certain cabinet box size. More space means a broader range of organizing options, plus enough room for all your bathroom or kitchen essentials—and then some. Brad Iseri, Senior Kitchen and Bath Designer for HPM Hilo, often encourages clients to go frameless—especially when space is an issue: "Installing frameless cabinets increases drawer storage space by 20%, compared to framed models," he says.


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2. Easy access

Also called "full access cabinets," frameless kitchen and bath cabinetry solves the issue of frames blocking access to your stored goods. Sans frame, there's no need for that center plank that typically sits between two neighboring cabinet doors.



3. Strength and endurance

Many frameless cabinet brands feature quality construction for a sturdy finished product that provides exceptional value. As opposed to face-frame cabinets where the frame adds support, frameless ones are self-supporting and feature thicker walls to promote greater stability in the absence of a frame. Plus, there's less wood to swell and stick as temperatures climb. 



4. Clean look

The flat doors and drawer fronts of frameless cabinets present a simple, modern aesthetic that embodies subtle sophistication and goes well in many different types of kitchen and bathrooms.



5. Broad design possibilities

With no frame to accentuate the design, there's more emphasis on cabinet door/drawer-front style. Depending on the brand, you can choose from a variety of styles and features such as soft-close, handles or handleless, and material/finish options. For example, Medallion's Mezza collection offers frameless cabinets in wood, acrylic, thermofoil, and specialty veneer. 



To frame or not to frame?

If full-access interiors, ample space and clean lines are in step with your design goals, frameless cabinets may be the way to go for your new kitchen or bathroom. Talk to an HPM Kitchen & Bath Designer to discuss your full range of cabinetry options.



From April 1-30, 2021, HPM and Bellmont Cabinet Co. are collaborating on a special "Spring Into Frameless" promotion offering you a free sink base cabinet with the purchase of 10 Bellmont cabinets!* 

For even more Kitchen & Bath savings, from April 1-June 30, 2021, purchase a Viatera Kitchen Countertop from LG Hausys at HPM and receive a free Lovello™ Venezia Large Single bowl Stainless Steel sink (a $309 value!) to complete your new kitchen look.**


Check out Bellmont Cabinet's Room Gallery for more kitchen and bath inspiration.



Contact an HPM Kitchen & Bath Designer

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*Offer available April 1-30, 2021. Sink base value from $700-$2000 depending on the product line. Good for all 1600/1900/VERO Series cabinets.
(Excludes 1300 Series and base/vanity sink two-drawer cabinet.)

**Offer valid April 1-June 30, 2021. Minimum purchase of 50 sq. ft. Limit 1 sink per household.


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5 Reasons to Go Frameless in Your Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

If sleek, spacious cabinets sound like your speed, you might want to look into a style known as frameless or European-style cabinetry. 

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