2023 Home Design Trends

Welcome to 2023! The year when you finally tackle that remodel and build your dream space.

Design trends come and go, but staying ahead of the curve can give you a space that feels modern and increases the value of your property. On the flip side, going with something that's too trendy can make your space feel dated in just a few years' time. The solution? Go with something that you love! Your opinion matters most if you’re the one living in your space. 


Our HPM Kitchen and Bath Designers have a wealth of knowledge. Some are bright-eyed newcomers passionate about design, and others are multi-year veterans. This year, we were curious about what our designers predict will be popular in 2023. So we sent out the call and absolutely loved what they had to say.


Japandi style swatches curated by Jesika Gray

Japandi Style

Jesika Gray


Jesika Gray, Waimea Kitchen & Bath Designer: “I think the design style “Japandi” (Japanese/Scandinavian) is going to be popular this year. Flat panel door styles in light-toned woods contrasted with black accents like hardware/lighting/appliances and the vertical slatted wood look for accent walls/partitions/ (our new Bellmont wood stains!) Basically, vertical lines, light-toned natural materials, like wood and stone, and contrasting accents. 

Also, Calacatta Gold will stay one of the most popular countertop choices.”



The HPM Kihei Home Design Center

Cool Colors with Texture

Tom Reyes


Tom Reyes, Kihei Kitchen & Bath Designer: “I can't remember a recent request for "plain white everything," which used to be fairly common. I've noticed that people are requesting cool colors more. If they are getting solid-painted cabinets, they want to accent it with something that shows the wood grain, like getting a traditional-looking hutch and/or floating shelves in wood grain such as walnut or cappuccino-stained cherry. Also, if getting a solid color, they would prefer some texture instead of being perfectly smooth.”


Spa-style bathroom vanity designed by Rose

Spa-Style Vanities

Rose Keaweamahi-Hoovler


Rose Keaweamahi-Hoovler, Kauai Kitchen & Bath Designer: “The design trend that I have personally seen/ordered in the last year and think will continue into next year is Spa furniture like vanities.  

I'm currently working with 4 clients that want something other than the standard-kitchen cabinet-looking vanity bases in their bathrooms. They'll be ordering spa-style vanities or wall-hung vanities with open shelving below soon.”



StrataLux Vanilla Creme flooring by HPM Building Supply

StrataLux Vanilla Crème Flooring

Paul Mendoza


Paul Mendoza, Flooring Program Manager: “Our Vanilla Crème has been a hit and the best seller this past year. I personally feel that this color will do well into 2023. Its warm light toned color is inviting and can brighten up a room. Various colors on this plank make it easy to color match when designing a room. It's also easy to clean and very durable.”



Cambria Brittanicca Luxury Series - full height backsplash

Slab Backsplashes

Kapua Aguiar


Kapua Aguiar, Home Design Program Manager: “I think slab backsplashes will be popular in 2023. Though white subway tiles are still trendy and provide a clean look, large-scale countertop slab backsplashes are working their way in. They are eye-catching, offer a seamless look, and are easy to clean as there are no grout lines.”




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