How to Pick Quality Vinyl Flooring

Your flooring choice makes a big difference in a residential setting, occupying expansive visual real estate and forming the base of the interior design. But looks aren’t all that matter — the caliber of the material will also determine the flooring’s longevity. It’s smart to invest in quality vinyl flooring, especially in a residential building with heavy foot traffic, to save time and money in the long run.

Affordable, Luxury Designs

Luxury vinyl plank and tile (LVP/LVT) have gained traction as budget-friendly, lower-maintenance alternatives to wood and stone for residences. Today’s advanced printing and finishing techniques create vinyl flooring that mimics the colors, patterns, and textures of natural materials. Plus, luxury vinyl is softer underfoot. When searching for a vinyl flooring that will last, look at factors of durability, including the wear layer and water resistance.


Upgrade your building flooring with StrataLux LVP to stand up to moisture and foot traffic and refresh the aesthetic with on-trend colors like “Morning Frost.”

Protective Wear Layer

To guard against the foot traffic, scratches, dings, and fading that will affect appearance and durability over time, vinyl flooring has a wear layer built into the surface for enhanced protection. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the wear layer, the better the protection. Nowadays, a 20 mil wear layer is common, and a 20 mil or thicker layer is recommended for apartments and condominiums to withstand their expected heavy traffic.


StrataLux LVP provides a soft yet sturdy flooring to support high foot traffic areas like open living rooms. Plus, selecting cool colors like “Tahoe” makes a room feel contemporary and stylish.

A Water Safeguard

To prepare for Hawaii’s frequent rainfall and the days when people come in with wet feet from the beach or pool, select a water-resistant flooring. That’s why many people opt for vinyl over wood, which absorbs moisture easily and is difficult to repair when it sustains water damage.

Waterproof vinyl flooring is even better, and many modern vinyl flooring products offer this feature. Unlike water-resistant flooring, which can only handle small spills, a waterproof material can withstand flooding from natural disasters or pipe breaks. Compare the greater upfront cost of a waterproof product to the cost of replacing the entire floor after a flood, and the investment makes sense.

A moisture barrier is another element to consider for water protection. As the name implies, this added underlayment will prevent any moisture from coming through a concrete subfloor or crawl space. It is highly recommended even for water-resistant vinyl flooring.


StrataLux LVP is suitable for every room in a home. Bring warmth and coziness into your keiki's bedroom while enjoying the added benefits of easy cleaning, waterproofing, and durability with "Weathered Wood."

Click and Lock

A new floor is a big investment, and you might be looking for ways to save without skimping on quality. Many contractors recommend click-and-lock flooring because it is cost-effective, durable, and low-maintenance while providing an attractive finish. The tongues and grooves of the boards interlock, making installation a snap, and the completed floor has a secure, seamless, and often waterproof surface. Click-and-lock products can also be laid down without glue to form a floating floor, speeding up the installation process and saving you money.


As featured in Building Management Hawaii - September 2022

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