How to Bring Your Dream Home to Life With an HPM Home Planning Consultant

Homeownership is an exciting journey! But it can also be full of questions and uncertainties. HPM Building Supply is here to partner with you every step of the way. 

With our HPM Homes planning program and statewide building supplies chain, we’ve fulfilled the home building dreams of Hawaii residents for more than 40 years. When you work with one of our dedicated HPM Home Planning Consultants, you’ll have an experienced advisor and advocate on your side to guide you through all the steps.

Before hiring an HPM Home Planning Consultant, begin thinking through the ideas for your dream home. While imagining how your home will be used now and in the future, list your must-haves and nice-to-haves. For example, consider how your family might grow in the future if you have children or move parents in when they’re older. (Insider Tip: Take our Lifestyle Quiz to start matching your lifestyle with one of our HPM Home plans!) Also, keep in mind that the building site will affect the home’s design, so bring as much information on the land as you can to the consultation. Finally, write down any questions you have about the process.



 One of the most common questions interested new home builders ask:

What kind of budget should we plan for?


It can be hard to envision everything needed to get to the finished home just from looking at a materials guide. Our planning consultants will personally review budgeting tools with you so you gain a better understanding of all the financial considerations.

In addition to budgeting, we guide our customers through all the stages of new home planning, including HPM Home selection, design and drafting services, architectural or engineering review, initial permitting, kitchen and bath design, and material selection. Our program currently offers 22 diverse home plans designed for Hawaii’s unique environment with your families’ needs in mind. You can also work with our design team to modify the chosen home plan to suit you best.




There is a big misconception that home planning is easy, but in reality, each project is unique and multi-faceted. Some require additional steps just to get to the design phase because of additional permitting or land restrictions. Some have longer design phases because of requested modifications. An HPM Home Planning Consultant will help you navigate these additional steps and have plenty of advice for first-timers based on their extensive experience.

Since the process takes time, remember to enjoy the journey. Keep a notebook to organize your inspirations. You can add so many beautiful touches to a home to make it feel personal and custom without sacrificing your financial plan. At the same time, have realistic expectations when working within your budget, and save room for must-haves in the design.



Shanon Christian-Saylor

Shanon is HPM’s Regional Home Planning Consultant and has been in the real estate world for over 17 years, involved in the selling, brokerage, and mortgage sides. She now applies her expertise to home planning, helping to bring HPM Homes to those on Kauai, Maui and Oahu. Shanon’s favorite part of being a home planning consultant is the dreaming phase: talking about the layout and designing the flow of the home and how it will be used for your lifestyle. This home is where life memories will be made, and planning that space is very personal. Shanon and the HPM Home Planning team understand the building and design process takes time, effort, and heart, and they’re here to pave the way forward until you open the front door and walk into your new home.


Interested customers on Kauai, Maui, and Oahu, connect with Shanon to get started on your new home journey today!
(808) 556-2500


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