FAQs About HPM Pre-approved Homes

We’re happy to announce the return of HPM Pre-approved Homes! We’ve worked closely with the County of Hawaii to bring back these cost- and time-efficient home plans. Whether you’ve followed the program since it started or are just hearing about it, you probably have some questions about it. To give an overview of everything that goes into our pre-approved homes, check out these frequently asked questions.

What are HPM Pre-approved Homes?


HPM Pre-approved Homes are reviewed and approved by the County of Hawaii Building Division, which simplifies and fast-tracks the often lengthy and complex permitting process. Even after going through the rest of the County departments’ requirements, you can save substantial time in the design and permitting process, getting you into your new home faster. Plus, our plans are designed to simplify construction, making them more affordable to build. Choose from multiple home plans to suit your family’s needs.

Who should consider a pre-approved home?

Our pre-approved homes are ideal single-family, starter homes. If you want to build fast and affordably on a lot you own, a pre-approved home could be for you. Keep in mind that because the plans are pre-approved with the county, they can’t be altered, so no changes can be made to the structural design. If you’re interested in similar home plans with more variety, check out our HPM Homes program, which allows you to make modifications to fit your family's needs.

Additionally, a pre-approved home is best suited for the East Hawaii environment. Keep in mind that pre-approved models were designed to meet basic requirements, so the property cannot be in a flood zone, along the coast, or in a higher wind zone. Reach out to an HPM Home Planning Consultant if you have any questions regarding lot location and requirements.

Why can't I make changes to a pre-approved home?

When HPM submits home plans for county approval, we include a list of structural materials needed for the builds. The County of Hawaii stamped and approved those materials and measurements, so changing the window heights, roofing type, etc., would make the plan ineligible for pre-approval.

But a pre-approved plan doesn’t result in a cookie-cutter home. Although you can’t make any structural changes, you can choose everything from the paint and flooring colors to the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and countertops. All kinds of customizations are possible to make your home feel like your own.


What is the process for a pre-approved home?

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Are the costs fixed for a pre-approved home?

The price is subject to change because the cost of materials fluctuate. You’re welcome to request an estimated price sheet — go to HPM Homes, click on “Get Pricing” in the footer, and fill out the pop-up form. Find out what’s included in the price in our HPM Homes Materials Package flyer, and speak to an HPM Home Planning Consultant for more details. 

Will pre-approved homes always be available?

Our pre-approved homes are approved until the County of Hawaii Building Division changes its building codes, at which point we would need to go through the approval process with the County again.

How does an HPM Home Planning Consultant work with a customer
on a pre-approved home?

An HPM Home Planning Consultant will be your guide through every step of the home building process, from submitting your plans for County permits to picking your materials and eventually moving in.

You’ll also need a contractor to complete the build. Don’t know where to look? Check our Better Builder Directory to find a qualified, licensed contractor.


Which models are pre-approved?

We currently have seven pre-approved models: ‘Auli‘i, Huaka, Pua Melia, Pua Melia Deluxe, Maluhia, ‘Olu‘olu, and Pilikai. These 1-4-bedroom home plans are ideal for families looking for their place to settle down and grow.

Homes_r23 Homes_r1 PuaMelia sized_homes2 Maluhia Homes_r22 Homes_r2

*Renderings shown may differ from pre-approved floorplans.


Where are pre-approved homes available?

HPM Pre-Approved Homes are only available on Hawaii Island and best suited for the East Hawaii region.

Interested in discussing HPM Pre-approved Homes in more detail? Visit a Home Design Center or contact an HPM Home Planning Consultant to start your home building journey today.


Hilo (808) 319-2249
Waimea & Kona (808) 762-6246

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