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Affordable Makeover

Painting the interior, or the exterior, of your home is by far the least expensive way to completely reinvent your home.


Even if you’re partial to just the whites, putting a fresh coat or two of Pratt Lambert’s “Seed Pearl” or Benjamin Moore’s “Cloud Cover” will chase the blues away and put more energy in your space.

But if you aren’t afraid to put a little color on the wall, here are some things to think about to get those creative color juices flowing:

What have you seen recently that you love? And what color is it?
What’s your favorite magazine or catalog? What color schemes do you seen in their pages often?
What’s your favorite store or designer? What colors are they using in their displays or ads?
What’s your favorite piece of art or furniture already in your home, and what colors might really compliment the piece?

Want to try on a color without spending a dollar or an hour?
Try one of these color visualizing systems:

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Is there something you’d like us to match? Maybe a color in a hand-me-down quilt? Or the exact shade of pink in your daughter’s favorite flying unicorn?

Bring it in and we’ll use our technology to help. Or, if it is too big to bring us a sample, just use Ben Moore’s Color Capture for iPhone or Android to snap a picture of a color inspiration that catches your eye and you can instantly find its match from Benjamin Moore's more than 3,300 paint colors.




When you’re ready to actually try the color on your wall, check to see if we have a sample 2 ounce or quart-size color sampler.
For just a few dollars you can see what it looks like in your room, with your furnishings, under the actual lighting.


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